These are our teachers

  Tzetzko Kolev has graduated from the Music and Choreography Institute of Sofia as well as from the Academy for Music and Dance Art in Plovdiv. He has a long work experience as a teacher, producer and choreographer, which includes over 50 self-produced dances for different amateur and professional dance clubs.

  He teaches and organizes seminars in Bulgarian Ethnography and Choreography for specialized classes and societies in Bulgaria, Germany,  Italy, Hungary, France, Russia, Spain and the USA.

  His book “Bulgarian Folk Choreography” was published in 2001 and is since then used as a textbook all over the country.

  Tzetzko Kolev founds and for 13 years leads a folk group, called “Iskritza”, in the small town of Borovo, located near Rousse, which brings him the title “honored citizen” there.

  In 1982 he establishes his own folk dance group “KOUKERY”, which still exists and is among the first private formations in Bulgaria. The group has presented the best patterns of Bulgarian music and dance folklore in over 27 countries all over the world.